At Vivere, we believe that great relationships are built on the values of Courage, Empathy, Empowerment, Trust and we strive to empower the people we support to be able to contribute and participate in their communities to the full extent of their ability.

We deliver high quality values-based services that aim to empower you. We take a partnership approach: we care about you, but we are not here to care for you. Our team works with individuals, families and valued supporters to create a wide range of innovative, flexible and personalised solutions to meet the needs and aspirations of the people we support.

We will get to know you, identifying how you want to achieve your goals, and when and how you want support to reach them.

What We Can Help With

Our support services are centred around the goals you have to live a more fulfilling life.

We work with you to develop goals and plans using a creative service delivery model called The Model Of Citizenhood. This gives us the foundation to work in partnership with you, your family and your valued supporters to build a great life and access meaningful opportunities.

Helping you to keep improving your life, building and strengthening your ability and your connection to what you want to do is why we are here.

Highly Personalised Support…

We also specialise in higher levels of support for people who may have very intricate needs.

Our highly skilled, trained and qualified staff know how important it is for all people to live with dignity. At Vivere we can provide high level support with a focus on dignity and choice to enable you to continue to live in your own home.

This includes support for people with physical and intellectual limitations which make routine tasks more challenging, multifaceted personal care, chronic disease management, behavioural supports and registered nursing services.

Vivere Client Contribution Policy

Commonwealth Home Support Programme


The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) will help older, frail people in the community to maximise their independence through the delivery of high-quality, entry-level support services which take into account each person’s individual goals, preferences and choices – underpinned by a strong emphasis on restorative approaches, including wellness and reablement.  The CHSP will also support the care relationship between the CHSP clients and their carers who support older people to stay at home.

The term ‘entry-level’ refers to support provided at a low intensity on a short-term basis or ongoing basis, or higher intensity services delivered on a short-term or episodic basis.


This Policy applies to all support services being delivered by Vivere Living Pty Ltd (Vivere) under the CHSP.  As outlined in the National Client Contribution Framework, CHSP clients who can afford to contribute to the costs of their CHSP support services are required to make financial contributions.

Vivere will be working towards fairness and consistency in the way in which both new and existing clients contribute to the cost of their care.  Vivere’s CHSP Client Contribution Policy has been formulated with a view to supporting ongoing service delivery and utilising the additional revenue to expand our CHSP services and offer more waitlisted clients support.

Vivere’s CHSP Client Contributions will be reviewed annually.


  • Clients will be advised of the need to make contributions prior to services commencing
  • All Client Contributions should be transparent, accessible and explained to all new and existing clients
  • Client service requirements will be assessed by Vivere and clients will sign a Client Support Agreement prior to services commencing
  • Client Contributions will not exceed the cost of the service
  • Clients will be advised what their exact contribution will be
  • Clients will be given at least 14 days notice of any changes to the Client Contribution
  • Clients will be invoiced for services on a weekly basis
  • Arrangements may be made for those who have been assessed as unable to pay due to financial hardship
  • Vivere will take in to account clients receiving compensation payments, additional services or bundled services to ensure a fair and equitable use of Vivere’s allocated funding grant
  • Clients receiving transport as part of a service will be responsible for any tolls or parking fees
  • Payment is required 14 days after receipt of invoice or as arranged with Vivere Management.


National Guide to the CHSP Client Contribution Framework

Programme Manual for the Commonwealth Home Support Programme

Our Staff

  • We engage values-driven, professional and friendly people with knowledge of the local area
  • We have an extremely thorough recruitment, screening, induction and training process for all our team. We make connections between you and the people who support you based on what’s important to you so you can be sure that you will get fully personalised, individualised support
  • We have many bi-lingual and multi-lingual team members, and will work to find a communication style that works for you
  • We are locally owned and operated, which means we can be much more flexible in the services we can deliver. Our Team are empowered to make their own decisions with 24/7 access to any support they may need, which means we can make decisions quickly and be more responsive where we need to be. We don’t have to run anything past any managers in Sydney or anywhere else!

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